Programming for Lazy Humans

Programming for Lazy Humans
Photo by Sam Solomon / Unsplash

I have come to realize that "being lazy" is a perfectly legit reason to learn a bit of programming.

Being lazy is good.

All things being equal, we bias towards being lazy - finding the easiest path to a problem with the least amount of friction.

Being lazy is an inherent characteristic of being human. It's how we make progress.

It's this trait that has driven all innovation in the entire human endeavor, right from the Invention of the wheel to pretty much everything since.

You should learn programming, just so you can automate the repetitive and monotonous tasks we do in everyday work and personal lives.

I call it "Programming for lazy humans".

Knowing a little bit of programming gives you that extra bit of power to automate the stupid stuff.

You don't need to learn advanced stuff. Just enough so you can make your life easier, and have a bit of fun while at it.

Yes, no code tools help, but sometimes your requirements are very specific, and no amount of software in the world ever will cover the unique use cases you may have.

That spreadsheet needs to be made sense of - there's code for that. Your boss doesn't need to know.

How about those messages you want to send to 30 people on Twitter who responded to your new book? There's code for that.

Learn a bit of programming - because it's the language of lazy humans. You will thank yourself.

For anyone who might be interested, I am planning to host a Free "Programming for lazy humans" workshop in the next couple weeks. Drop me a message on Twitter at @amit, if you'd like to join.