Collection of my Ship30 Essays

Collection of my Ship30 Essays
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen / Unsplash

Side A and Side B
No. You don't have to finish that book
A Programmer is the cook in the kitchen
How I listen to Podcasts using
It's okay not to love what you do
Writing is not typing
Subscription Mindset
Recipes on the internet
Minimum Effective Dose for Typing
Why is small size shirt same price as an XL?
Wait what song is that?
Learning Treadmill
I can't
I deosn't matter
How old is the baby?
Why do earthworms come out when it rains?
Something different
Dear Readwise please turn off public replies
Knife Sharpening Bike
How do servers memorize orders?
LEGO Habit Tracker
Ship30 Habit
Dear Notion it's not you. It's me.
Last 29 Days
250 > 1000
The ship has docked
Reflections Thread
I am a beginner. AMA
Are we living in a simulation?
Recording my writing process
Track anything you want with LEGO bricks
Can you confirm your birthday?
How much do you pay in monthly subscriptions?
Reminder: Use Bullet points
The world is not getting worse
Three changes I am making to my Instapaper game
Should I learn to play Ukulele in public?
How do you balance your reading with writing?
7 Things about LEGO you may not have known